Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word

For the past couple of years, I've sort of secretly followed along with Ali Edwards's concept of "One Little Word." Year before last, my word was "purpose." Last year, I chose "possibilities" (although I think "change" chose me - against my will).

This year, I've sort of struggled and cast about, trying to find a word suitable for all the things I want 2011 to be. But I think a word has chosen me, and this time, it's one I can embrace. The word is "blessed," and that is certainly what I want to see manifest in my life in 2011. Not only do I want to realize what my blessings are, but I want to strive to help others feel blessed.

I had originally thought I would choose the word "unleashed," but that seemed a little too wild for me and my personality. I also thought of "new," "remade," and even "hopeful," "joyful," and "successful." All good words, but still, for me, not such a great fit.

Then one of my students gave me an adorable Christmas ornament with the word "Blessed" emblazoned on the front. "Hmm," I thought, "you know, I AM blessed!"

And then my sister gave me yet another, GORGEOUS Christmas ornament (as is our tradition with one another) that also displayed the word "BLESSED." This was particularly meaningful, as she knows very well the struggles I've been through this past year, and her declaration of "Blessed" in the midst of all that was a sort of claiming of triumph in the face of much sadness.

And, finally, just last night, I found myself describing to a very dear friend all the reasons I feel blessed, and that's when the word stuck in my mind as MY word. I'm blessed. I want to let the knowledge of that soak into my bones and let it radiate from me. I am blessed.

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There's even jewelry specially designed to be a reminder of your word throughout the year:
Lisa Leonard Designs ( birthday is coming up. Perhaps one of these would be an excellent present to myself!)

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  1. Lisa, looks like we are on the same road. I started a blog this week... The title..."Shared Blessings". Have a Happy New Year!



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