Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Space in its Current Incarnation

***This is a repost of my guest post on the MemoryWorks blog*** (yep, cheating again! LOL)

Hello all! Back again to take you on a little tour of my creative space. Funny thing - I should be posting pictures of my over-full rolling totes, because these days, it seems the only time I get things done is at a crop. But, I am blessed to have my own scrappy space (and WAY too much stuff to organize in it) so I'll show you that instead. ;)

My room is about 10 x 12, so I use it as an office, small crop store, and scrap studio. I've got the majority of my scrappy items together in an L-shaped configuration with my desk and mesh cubes from Target.

The desk is made from a hollow core door that I spray painted black and 2 Wal-Mart bookshelves that my hubby and I "hacked" to make the whole thing desk-height. I love the large work surface! On top is a plastic mat from Ikea that I use to protect the desktop. All my heavily-used tools are at arm's length. My tool tote is on a lazy susan, because, although my name's not Susan, well... On the bookshelves underneath I have all my Etsy supplies and a few lesser-used tools. There's also an Iris cart that holds all my Cricut supplies, a 12 x 12 drawer unit, and my "basket of shame" - a picnic basket that holds my obscene amount of scraps.

The mesh cubes hold all my papers, cardstock, page protectors, embellishments, ribbons, paints, templates, and project files.
This wire rack sits on top of my desk against the wall. I don't love it - it looks too cluttery. I'll probably build my mesh cubes up another level to hold the stuff from the shelf and install some Bygel rails on the wall where it is now.
I love this bookcase from Ikea. It holds all my idea books and magazines, plus some special mementos.

This little bookshelf holds lots of stamps and inks. I'm obsessed with stamps. I remember telling my CTMH representative many years ago that I wasn't going to get into stamps. Now I have more than I can use. I'll be writing a blog post about this very soon, so check it out.

Love my pinboard. It hangs right over my desk. I like to change out quotes and sayings that motivate me. I've had this one up for a while.

My Distress Ink storage. This is a jewelry holder I bought at Michael's. I need more inks!

More stamp storage. These are the stamps I've deemed as "scrapbooking stamps," so I keep them on my desk in hopes that I'll remember to use them.

So that's my little scrappy corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by today! You can visit me anytime at or soon at

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is this cheating?

This doesn't technically qualify as new content, but I was playing around with Wordle for a class assignment today, and thought I'd see what it came up with when I typed in my blog address. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

So,yeah. It's been a while since I've posted here. I have these visions of posting great stuff at least once a week, then life gets in the way and a month and a half goes by before I find myself here again. Last month I was a guest poster on the MemoryWorks blog, so that's where all my new content ended up. This month? Well, let's just say that taking a technology class AND a reading comprehension class is about to do me in. But this too shall pass, and soon I will be free to happily post away again. Famous last words and all. :)


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