Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa's Helpers Workshop Projects

I must admit, I believe this is my favorite class to teach each year. I just love making cute little projects for the express purpose of giving them away and blessing someone else's day! I also love the process of searching magazines, books, and the internet for new and different ideas that we haven't used before. I always come away completely inspired and ready to create.

But I digress...on with the projects!

They are, clockwise from top left: a gift card holder, tea light card/holder, sour cream container, tea bag holder, and hot chocolate holder (inside is a goodie bag stuffed with one or two packets of hot chocolate, mini-marshmallows, and candy canes). None of these are my originals, so I've linked you to the tutorials or instructions for each. However, I didn't find specific instructions for the hot chocolate holder, so here is how I improvised it:

Cut a strip of cardstock 6" x 12"

Along the 12" side, score 3/4" all the way across.

Along the 6" side, score at 3", then at 3 3/4". Turn paper around and score at the same lengths from the other end.

Snip the smallest tabs created by the score lines at the bottom, then fold them inward and fold paper into a box shape. Adhere with a strong glue or tape.

The bags we used to pack them were just simple treat bags from the party or craft section at Wal-Mart.

Now...don't you wish you'd come to class? :)

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