Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Scrap Space Overhaul of 2009

So I joined a challenge on 2peas called the "Organize Your Stuff" challenge. In my usual form, I got way too enthusiastic and decided I didn't need to follow the challenge in steps, I'd just go ahead and dive in with both feet.

Here I am, five days later, with all my scrappy stuff sitting in my front hallway and dining room, and my scrap space is totally empty. BARE! See pics...

Hard to believe ALLLLLL that stuff was somehow crammed into a 6' x 6' space. Honest! I measured!

But, this whole process - while painful, for sure - has inpsired me! I am going to bring back into the space ONLY the things I love and will use. And the rest? Well, I'm going to throw a scrapbooking garage sale! So, if you'd like to join me in a couple weeks and sell off some of YOUR scrappy stash, well...get started purging sisters! I'm not sure of a date yet, but I'm thinking we'll do it on July 11 before the project class.

Stay tuned for pics of my uber-organized, dream scrap space. I'm believing it'll happen!

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