Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Okay, so I'm not the most faithful blogger (something I am working on!), but I do love to return to my favorites over and over. I've had a love affair going on with Google Reader for quite some time, but, alas, they announced earlier this year that they will be discontinuing their reader service effective July 1.

So after a mourning period, I began searching for an alternative way to collect and keep my favorites all in one place. I tried a couple, only to find that they were linked to Google Reader, and would not work once it disappeared. So back to Square One. Then the other day, I happened across one of my NEW favorite blogs, Scrap Our Stash, and noticed that there on the right was a little link saying "Follow my blog with Bloglovin." Curious, I clicked through, and found (to my delight) a NEW way to follow all my blogs WITHOUT having to rebuild my list again from scratch or import each one, one at a time. Yes, Bloglovin even does the heavy lifting of importation for you! Hallelujah!

So, if you love your blogs like I do, consider setting up an account with Bloglovin. It's free, easy, and fun! (Oh, and if you're migrating over from Reader and need help figuring out how, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email - I'd be glad to help you out!)

Lisa Harris

P.S. Notice I now I have MY OWN little button that says "Follow my blog with Bloglovin!" Go ahead, click. It won't hurt a bit! :)

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